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close this bookAPPEAL - Training Materials for Continuing Education Personnel (ATLP-CE) - Volume 5: Income-Generating Programmes (APEID - UNESCO, 1993, 127 p.)
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Asia-Pacific Programme of Education for All (APPEAL) has the following Action Areas:

1. Universalization of Primary Education (UPE)
2. Eradication of Illiteracy (EOI)
3. Continuing Education for Development (CED)

UNESCO Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (PROAP) has been working very closely with the Member States to expand and improve Primary Education and Literacy Programmes. Specifically APPEAL Training Materials for Literacy Personnel (ATLP) has helped improve the quality of curriculum, learning materials and training for literacy programmes in Asia and the Pacific. Based on the experiences of ATLP, UNESCO/PROAP is developing APPEAL Training Materials for Continuing Education Personnel (ATLP-CE). It organized a Planning Meeting on 16-20 April 1990 in Hua Hin, Thailand, and developed the First Volume of ATLP-CE entitled: “Continuing Education: New Policies and Directions.” The Planning Meeting prepared guidelines for the preparation of training manuals for the following six types of Continuing Education Programmes:

1. Post-Literacy Programmes
2. Equivalency Programmes
3. Quality of Life Improvement Programmes
4. Income-Generating Programmes
5. Individual Interest Promotion Programmes
6. Future-Oriented Programmes

UNESCO/PROAP has convened a series of Technical Working Group Meetings of Experts and developed eight volumes of ATLP-CE. This book is the fifth volume in the series and it deals with Income-Generating Continuing Education Programmes (IGPs). The first volume Continuing Education, New Policies Guidelines establishes basic principles and should be read in association with this present volume.

Income-Generating Programmes are those types of vocational continuing education programmes which help participants acquire or upgrade vocational skills and which enable them to conduct income generating activities. A case is made that such programmes should be directed mainly towards those people who are currently not self-sufficient in a modern world, and in particular towards those at or below the poverty line.

A programme framework for IGPs is described and its application in communities at low, mid and high levels of socio-economic development is discussed. The components of IGPs include occupational skills, entrepreneurial skills and general education and each of these components is described and discussed.

Guidelines for organizing resources for IGPs are provided and special emphasis is given to reviewing relationships with the world of work and especially with industry. The volume discusses organization and delivery of IGPs, the development of personnel and the monitoring and evaluation of programmes.

A special feature is the inclusion of numerous case studies which illustrate both general principles of programme design and delivery and the range and variety of IGPs in the Region.

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