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close this bookThe Courier N° 119 Jan - Febr 1990 - Dossier National Languages - Country Report: Gambia (EC Courier, 1990, 100 p.)
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View the documentDomingo L. SIAZON, Jr. Director-General of UNIDO
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View the documentTraining and commodities: development priorities for the social partners
View the documentCooperation between ACP and EEC institutions and universities
close this folderCountry report: The Gambia
View the documentMarket forces rule, OK.
View the documentAn interview with Sir Dawda Jawara
View the documentThe demise of the Senegambian Confederation
View the documentThe Gambia-EEC Cooperation
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View the documentStructural adjustment - NIGER: reforms under the first structural adjustment programme
View the documentTrinidad and Tobago: the issues and the evidence
View the documentControlling erosion in south-eastern Nigeria
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View the documentEuropean Civil Protection: responding to disasters
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View the documentNational languages
View the documentNational languages and development
View the documentThe languages of Africa: an annotated map
View the documentNational languages in teaching
View the documentThe language of instruction: some statistics concerning sub-Saharan Africa
View the documentIs a lingua franca possible in Nigeria?
View the documentSeychelles:Using Creole (Seselwa) in schools: a cultural challenge
View the documentFunctional literacy, agricultural extension work and local languages
View the documentLanguage and authenticity: the case of Zaïre
View the documentThe use of Shona in Zimbabwe press
View the documentNational on La Voix du Sahel
View the documentCommon language, different cultures
View the documentI write in Gikuyu
View the documentLanguages in danger of disappearance: the case of Papua New Guinea
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View the documentThe National Sheep Rearing Centre, Béoumi
View the documentAgbassa: a model for population transfer
View the documentGabon: producing fertilisers locally
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View the documentCadmium: menace or myth?
close this folderCulture and the arts
View the documentTowards a Pan-African Association for African oral tradition and heritage
View the documentMakondé art, traditional and modern
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View the documentFrom paper to computers: IRETA information services in the South Pacific
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