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Received publications

Rapport 1994, La Llberte de la Presse dans le Monde

(Freedom of press in the world Report for 1994)

By Reporters sans frontieres, with the help of Le Point - Supplement to the Lettre de Reporters sans frontieres No 57 - April 1994 ISBN 2 908830-15-9 - FF 85-FS 22 - Bfrs 520 - Can$ 20.

This reports attacks on freedom of the press in 149 countries in 1993 - 124 journalists were in prison on 1 January 1994 and 63 died for their opinions or were killed in the course of their work in 1993, almost half of them in Europe.

L'emploi au Sud - Regard croises Des exemples au Zaire, au Perou et au Chili

Employment in the South - A comparison - Examples in Zaire, Peru and Chile

By G. Fonteneau. Lokota Ekot'e Panga, Isabel Yepez del Castillo, Ignacio Larraechea and Marthe Nyssens Approche Louvain-la Neuve

Approche and Gresea, two associations working for solidarity in development in North and South, bring out research in a combined edition to allow for comparisons of employment issues in different parts of the world

Le Secteur non-structure urbain en Afrique - Rospective et perspectives - Biographie commentee

The non-structured urban sector in Africa - Past and future - An annotated bibliography

ILO - ISBN 92-2-207747-4 Geneva - 1994

This lists and comments on 250 recent (French and English) publications on Africa's non-structured urban sector and its employment and growth potential.

The state of the world's refugees, The Challenge of protection

First two-yearly report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Penguin Books - ISBN 0-14023487-x - USA - 1993 Currently available in French. Available in German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese soon.

This takes stock of the crucial problem of refugees (18.2 million around the world and about 24 million displaced within their own countries in 1993). pleads for the right of asylum and makes an urgent call for the international community to step in to prevent crises in the future.

Water for sustainable development in the 21st century

By Asit K siswas, Mohammed Jellali and Glenn E. Stout Oxford University Press ISBN 0 19 563302 4 - Delhi - 1993

It is increasingly apparent that water cannot be wasted without compromising the future of mankind and that management of water quality is vital to the future of the planet. The authors consider how this complex task can be sustained over the coming century.

Environment and agriculture - Rethinking development issues for the 21st century

Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development ISBN 0-933595-85-9 - Morrilton (USA) 1 994

Papers of a May 1993 symposium during which development specialists looked at the connections between the environment and agriculture and on the need to cater for them in future development decisions.

Developing African agriculture New Initlatives for institutional cooperation

W.E. Swegle D.F. SAA/Global 2000/CASIN - Mexico - 1994

Report of a July 1993 workshop one of a series of seminars looking at ways of boosting food security in sub-Saharan Africa and other subjects related to the development of the continent

Schwarz-Weisse Mythen - Afrika und der Entwicklungspolitische Diskurs

Black and white myths - Africa and the development policy debate

By Dirk Hansohm and Robert Kappel - Munster - Hamburg - Lit 1993 - 2 - Revised edition - 1994 - Bremer Afrika Studien, Bd 5 ISBN 3-8947--699-2

The African crisis is primarily one of global concepts of development policy, the authors maintain. The discussion of African development problems is abstract and dichotomic and the 'truths' which emerge from it are often no more than ideological prejuoices which neither explain the reality nor open the way for solutions. This book attempts to highlight the central myths in the discussion and suggest practical alternatives.