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1. You learned how to begin growing your own fish in Booklet No. 27, Freshwater fish- farming how to beg.

Growing fish

2. Booklet No. 29, better freshwater fish- farming: the pond told you how to build a bigger pond and how to build it better.

Build a bigger pond

3. Booklet No. 30, Better freshwater fish- farming: the fish, told you how to grow more fish and how to grow them better.

Grow more fish

Ways to improve

4. However, there are still more things that you can do to improve your fish- farming. You can

· build more and bigger ponds
· improve your water supply and your water- supply ditches
· build new and better kinds of inlets and outlets
· fertilize your ponds better
· grow fish in several ponds all year round
· grow only male fish
· harvest your fish better
· manage your fish- farm, your farm animals, your gardens and your fields together so that they will grow better and produce more.

5. This booklet will help you to improve your fish- farming.