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The female

The reproductive organs of the female are all inside the animal.
You can see only the entry to the system which is called the vulva.

Genital organs of the cow

Genital organs removed from cow

Flowers have ovaries which contain ovules (see Booklet No. 3, page 11).
When the ovules are fertilized by pollen, the ovules become seeds.
Female animals have two ovaries which normally produce one or more ova. (In animals the female reproductive cell is called ovum, plural ova.)
If the female is covered (served) by the male at this time, the ovum is fertilized. It develops and becomes a young one in its mother's womb.

The male

This system consists of two testicles, which hang between the hind legs, the penis, and two ducts which connect the testicles with the penis.

Reproductive organs of the bull

Stamens give the pollen that fertilizes the ovule in a flower (see Booklet No. 3, page 14).
Testicles give the semen that fertilizes the ovum.
The fertilized ovum becomes a young one in its mother's womb.