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Building a bigger pen

235. You may want to build a still bigger pen for your third pen so you can grow many more snails.

236. If you build a 5 x 10 metre pen, you can grow two times as many snails. If you build a 10 x 10 metre pen, you can grow four times as many snails as you did in a 5 x 5 metre pen.


237. However, building a bigger pen is a lot more work and you will need

· more land
· more materials to build it
· more food and shelter plants
· more fully grown snails to begin

238. You must also be sure that you and your family have enough time to take care of a bigger pen.

239. If you do decide to build a bigger pen, build it exactly the same way that you built your first 5 x 5 metre pen (see pages 43 to 46 in the last booklet).

Building a bigger pen