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85. How to handle anger70

Anger is natural. It is OK to be angry once in a while. What is important is how you express it when you are angry and how you deal with an angry staff person. Anger is a severe reaction to frustration, a reaction to having our needs or desires blocked, particularly if we believe that the block is arbitrary or unreasonable.

If you are angry: Acknowledge it, determine what made you angry, and express your anger through the "RDA technique" (Resent, Demand, Appreciate), i.e.,

  • Resent: I don't like our staff playing computer games during working hours

  • Demand: I expect this place to be run like a professional office

  • Appreciate: You are all valuable professionals; let's keep it like that.

If one of your staff gets angry: Get the person away from co-workers, allow the person to express his or her anger, find out the facts, and identify the cause of the anger, and confront the problem.