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close this bookHow to Act After accidents caused by Electrical Current - Course: basic skills and knowledge of electrical engineering. Methodical guide for instructors (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 16 p.)
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2.2. Preparation of the Teaching Aids

For theoretical instructions the trainees need a place where they can take notes. Recommendable is a room with blackboard, desks and electric connection.

If the instructions are given in the workshop or at the working place, clean pads should be on the working tables, so that the trainees can make notes.

For practical demonstration during the instructions, an exercising place with the following equipment should be available:

- Equipment required for rescuing an injured person out of the fault-current circuit or auxiliary means that may be used for this purpose.

- Fire-fighting equipment suited for extinguishing fire in electric plants.

- Materials required for the preparation of an alkalinization solution.

- Dummy or anatomical model.

- Materials required for first-aid measures with injured people.

- Mouth opener.

- Mouth respiration apparatus, mouth masks.

- Stretcher.

- Blankets, safety belts.

The "Trainees' Handbook of Lessons - How to Act After Accidents Caused by Electric Current" is distributed among the trainees. Diagrams are prepared before the lesson in the form of blackboard drawings.