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close this bookHow to Act after Accidents caused by Electrical Current - Course: Basic skills and knowledge of electrical engineering. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 15 p.)
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View the documentInstruction Example 1.1. Putting an Injured Person in Coma Position
View the documentInstruction Example 1.2. Immediate Measures after an Accident Caused by Electric Current
View the documentInstruction example 1.3. Transportation of an Injured Person


The present material comprises 3 selected instruction examples on the basis of which essential skills may be practised as to how to act after accidents caused by electric current.

Since the necessary measures that have to be taken after accidents caused by electric current are mastered only after much practice, the instruction examples have to be constantly repeated.

In order to facilitate the preparation for and carrying out of the exercises, for each instruction example the required materials as well as basic knowledge are mentioned which must be available for accomplishing the tasks.

In addition to the sequence of actions sketches are enclosed showing how the exercises have to be carried out.