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close this bookBio-intensive Approach to Small-scale Household Food Production (IIRR, 1993, 180 p.)
View the document(introduction...)
close this folderIntroduction
View the documentCharacteristics of the bio-intensive approach to small-scale household food production
View the documentWhy household food security through gardens makes sense?
View the documentInformation, education and communication approaches to household vegetable gardening
View the documentThe household as a production and consumption unit
View the documentDefinitions of homegardens
View the documentVegetables throughout the year
close this folderStarting a biointensive garden
View the documentLayout for a small-scale, household level vegetable production plot
View the documentTechnological profile
View the documentThe rationale for deep-dug and raised beds
View the documentWhy deep-dug beds are important?
View the documentDevelopment of rooting systems
View the documentRaised-bed garden technologies
View the documentIntegrated alley cropping bio-intensive garden
View the documentPot-garden technologies
View the documentCommon garden tools
close this folderSoil management
View the documentKnow your soil
View the documentDiscovering your soil type firsthand
View the documentSoil modifiers
View the documentNutrient composition of various organic materials
View the documentComposting
close this folderComposting methods
View the documentConventional method of compost preparation
View the documentThe 14-day method of composting
View the documentComposting in triple-compost bin
View the documentDeep bed composting
View the documentSemi-sunken composting
View the documentBasket composting
View the documentLiquid fertilizer
View the documentFish emulsion as plant food for bio-intensive garden
close this folderGreen manuring
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentNitrogen-fixing trees
View the documentCharacteristics of Some Nitrogen-fixing Trees
View the documentCover crops
View the documentSome cover crops successfully used by farmers
View the documentCover crops as soil conditioners
View the documentNutrient requirement of vegetables
close this folderSeed and seedling management
View the documentSaving seeds through gardener curators
View the documentWhy producing your own vegetable seeds is important?
View the documentTraditional or indigenous seeds
View the documentSeed production
View the documentSite selection and timing of seed production
View the documentSeed harvesting and seed extraction
View the documentSeed drying
View the documentSeed storage
View the documentTesting seed quality
View the documentNursery techniques for seedlings
close this folderCrop management
View the documentCrop planning
View the documentUsing the fenceline for planting annual and perennial crops
View the documentCompanion plant guide chart
View the documentVegetables that can be harvested in less than a month
View the documentShade-tolerant vegetables
View the documentDrought-resistant vegetables
View the documentSolarization: A weed control technique using sunlight
View the documentWatering
View the documentMulching
View the documentThe role of organic mulches
View the documentSome tropical materials for use as mulch
View the documentGardening in dry environments
View the documentWater-saving ideas for gardens during dry season
View the documentGrowing vegetables in saline areas
View the documentLead in urban gardens
close this folderPest management
View the documentSome common garden pests
close this folderAlternative pest management
View the document(introduction...)
View the documentCultural method of pest control
View the documentBiological pest control
View the documentEncouraging predators
View the documentBotanical pest control
close this folderHandling of garden produce
View the documentConserving and safeguarding quality and freshness of garden produce
View the documentNon-refrigerated storage
close this folderNutritional dimension of bio-intensive gardening
View the documentSustaining gardens as nutrition
View the documentVegetables for family nutrition
View the documentVitamin A content of some local foods in serving portions compared with recommended dietary allowances for various age groups
View the documentIron content of some local foods in serving portions compared with recommended dietary allowances (RDA) for various age groups
View the documentVegetables containing iodine
View the documentVegetables with multiple edible parts
View the documentNeglected annual vegetables
View the documentMaintaining the nutritional value of vegetables: Food preparation tips


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