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close this bookMaking of Roof Flashing - Course: Timberwork techniques. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 15 p.)
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6. The Suspended Gutter

To prevent the rain water from flowing down the eaves flushing, a gutter is suspended from the eaves.

Figure 23

Suspended gutter
1 gutter, 2 gutter bracket, 3 cover plate, 4 eaves board, 5 roof rafter, 6 first layer of roofing felt (nailed), 7 second layer of roofing felt (pasted)

The gutter brackets to hold the gutter are sunk in into the eaves board and screwed to it.

The covering plate is nailed to the first layer of roofing felt. It extends into the gutter to prevent rain water from running down between the cover plate and gutter.

The gutter brackets, the gutter and the cover plate must be made of non-rusting material.

The second layer of roofing felt is not nailed but pasted with bitumen on the first layer. It ends on the covering plate.