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From a Third World professional

Through some of my colleagues, I have had the opportunity of seeing and reading some recent issues of ceres. I must say that I am very impressed by the quality and the depth of the articles. As a professional from a developing country, I admire the frankness with which Third World problems -particularly agriculture-are treated.

Oscar Soto P.
Chiclayo, Peru

Human error

Having just read the Sept.-Oct. 1979 issue of ceres, I note once again that the French version of the articles written in English is sometimes of low quality. For example, on page 44, among the activities of energy-consuming agriculture, I find "ndage de la manure." Don't you have anybody to check translations?

Jacques Dubreuil
Dakar, Senegal

Yes, we do, but we sometimes miss a few things. In any case, thanks for reading ceres so closely and for calling our attention to this fact. - Ed.

Words of praise

Armelle Braun's article in ceres' May-June 1979 issue, "A collective discipline-self-imposed," was of great interest to us, especially the humoristic tone used to treat men-women relations.

Andre Marty