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Over the last three years there has been a great deal of effort in the Third World, Europe and North America to design and introduce improved cookstoves.

At a meeting held in Reading, we discussed the issue of how better to communicate the accumulated knowledge of stove researchers, designers and programme managers. Ianto Evans presented a draft of a networking newsletter that was being produced by Aprovecho. I.T.D.G. also informed the meeting that it was preparing a technical newsletter along similar lines. In order to avoid duplication, it was decided that the I.T.D.G. newsletter should contain more in-depth technical articles covering areas pertaining to design, laboratory and field testing of stoves; design and testing of ceramics for use in stove fabrication; and methods of extension, including training and methodology. As well as these articles, we have agreed with our collaborators to include details of the work they are undertaking. It was also felt that we should publish interesting technical enquiries and our replies to these enquiries where appropriate.

We are keen to receive technical articles for inclusion in future issues. These should not be longer than 700 words and may cover areas related to theory as well as practice. We would appreciate any comments on the aims, layout and material in this first issue.

Produced by the I.T.D.G. Stoves Team

Intermediate Technology Development Group Applied Research Section, Shinfield Shinfield Road Reading, Berks. U.K.