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fechar este livroRefugee Nutrition Information System (RNIS), No. 14 - Report on the Nutrition Situation of Refugees and Displaced Populations (UNSSCN, 1996, 45 p.)
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Ver o documentoHIGHLIGHTS
Ver o documentoINTRODUCTION
fechar esta pastaSub-Saharan Africa
Ver o documento1. Angola
Ver o documento2. Benin/Ghana/Togo Region
Ver o documento3. Burkina Faso and Mauritania
Ver o documento4. Burundi/Rwanda Situation
Ver o documento5. Central African Republic
Ver o documento6. Djibouti
Ver o documento7. Ethiopia
Ver o documento8. Kenya
Ver o documento9. Liberia/Sierra Leone Region
Ver o documento10. Mauritanian Refugees in Senegal
Ver o documento11. Mozambique Region
Ver o documento12. Somalia
Ver o documento13. Sudan
Ver o documento14. Uganda
Ver o documento15. Zaire
Ver o documento16. Zambia
fechar esta pastaASIA - Selected Situations
Ver o documento(introduction...)
Ver o documento17. Afghanistan Region
Ver o documento18. Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal
Ver o documento19. Refugees from Rakhine State, Myanmar in Bangladesh
Ver o documento20. Southern Iraq
Ver o documentoList of Sources for February 1996 RNIS Report
fechar esta pastaList of Tables, Figures and Annexes
Ver o documentoTable 1 - Information Available on Total Refugee/Displaced Populations (as of February 1996)
Ver o documentoTable 2 - Summary of Origin and Location of Major Populations of Refugees, Returnees and Displaced People in Africa February 1996 - RNIS #14 (population estimates in thousands)
Ver o documentoFigure 1 - Refugee and Displaced Populations
Ver o documentoFigure 2 - Trends in Total Refugee/Displaced Populations and Risk Categories
Ver o documentoFigure 3 - Trends in Population Estimates and Risk Categories in Six Countries
Ver o documentoAnnex 1 - Results of Surveys Quoted in February RNIS Report (#14) - usually children 6-59 months
Ver o documentoAnnex 2 - Seasonality in Sub-Saharan Africa*
fechar esta pastaList of Maps
Ver o documentoMap A - Situational Map
Ver o documentoMap 1 - Angola
Ver o documentoMap 3 - Mauritania
Ver o documentoMap 4 - Burundi/Rwanda Region
Ver o documentoMap 6 - Djibouti
Ver o documentoMap 7 - Ethiopia
Ver o documentoMap 8 - Kenya
Ver o documentoMap 9 - Liberia/Sierra Leone
Ver o documentoMap 11 - Mozambique
Ver o documentoMap 12 - Somalia
Ver o documentoMap 13 - Sudan
Ver o documentoMap 14 - Uganda
Ver o documentoMap 15 - Zaire
Ver o documentoMap 17 - Afghanistan
Ver o documentoMap 18 - Nepal
Ver o documentoMap 19 - Bangladesh

Figure 1 - Refugee and Displaced Populations

Figure 1 - Refugee and Displaced Populations - Selected Areas in Africa (February 1996)