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Appendix A: Source tables

Table A.1: Production of inland and marine fish

Table A.2: Fish production of Bangladesh, 1983/84-1985/86

Table A.3: Seasonal price variations for hilsa, rohu and katla in Dhaka Wholesale Market

Table A.4: Price list for selected species

Table A.5: Indicative prices in international markets of frozen finfish exported from Bangladesh

Table A.6: Indicative prices of frozen shrimps and frogs' legs from Bangladesh in international markets (in US$ per kg)

Table A.6 continued

Table A.7: Producers' share and marketing margins in fish sold in Dhaka and Pabna in 1981

Table A.8: Average marketing margins for marine fish sold in Chittagong and Cox's Bazaar

Table A.9: Tentative calculation of post-harvest qualitative losses in domestic fish marketing

Appendix B: List of scientific, Bangladeshi and English names of fish, molluscs and crustaceans

Table part I

Table part II

Table part III

Appendix C: Functions of BFDC

1. To take measures for the development of fisheries and fishing industries.

2. To establish a fishing industry.

3. To establish units for capture of fish and promote a better organization for exploitation of fish wealth.

4. To acquire, hold or dispose of fishing boats, fish carriers, road and river transports and all equipment and accessories necessary in connection with the development of a fishing industry.

5. To establish units for the preservation, processing, distribution and marketing of fish and fish products.

6. To advance loans to fish industries and to fishermen's co-operative societies.

7. To encourage establishment of fishermen's co-operative societies.

8. To undertake survey and investigation of the fish resources.

9 To establish, institute or make arrangements for training and research in the methods of catching, processing, transportation, preservation and marketing of fish.

10. To set-up an organization for the export of fish and fish products.

11. To acquire, hold and dispose of such other properties as are required for carrying out all or any of the above mentioned purposes.

12. To formulate a scheme or schemes for carrying out all or any of the functions specified above.

Source: BFDC (1986a)

Appendix D: Physical facilities belonging to BFDC