Anothe Micro language query

From Dynal Patel
DateWed, 26 Jun 2002 13:50:57 +0200
Subject Anothe Micro language query
Below are two files I am working with.
first file
package home

_content_ {




<tr><td>"About" page for the demo collection</td>

<td><a href="_httppageabout_&c=demo">Click here</a></td></tr>




# if you hate the squirly green bar down the left-hand side of the page,

# uncomment these lines:

# _header_ {

# }

Second file

package about

_content_ {



Both files have a search box. The second one works, but the first one says "error during the construction of the cgi page" when you try to search for something. It also doesn't create the search box correctly. I dont understand why a similiar call in the first file doesn't work. Please can someone help me with this.

Kind regards