Re: Macro Language- small question

From Gordon Paynter
DateSat, 29 Jun 2002 11:44:33 -0700
Subject Re: Macro Language- small question
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On Saturday 29 June 2002 07:38, Dynal Patel wrote:
> Thanks for your help. I just have a small problem that I cant seem to
> get working. I want to add a searching facility to my home page. I
> have done the following

Hi Dynal,

I suspect your problem stems from the fact that searches are performed
on a per-collection (and per-index) basis, so if you ask for a search
from the front page it is not clear which collection you are searching
(and within the collection, which index).

The best way for you to do this may be to abandon the _queryform_
macro and hard-code the search form. You can do this by loading up
the search page of the collection you are interested in, viewing the
HTML source, and copying the _queryform_ HTML, pasting it into your
homepage macro file, and editing as appropriate.

Make sure to include cgi parameters specifying the collection and
index: you can find lists of parametes in the admin page, but they can
be hard to follow. I expect you have to include collection (c), index
(h), action=query (a=q) and query (q) parameters, but I've never tried
it so I cannot be sure.