Re: Word Metadata (was Re: my 8 questions)

From Illtud Daniel
DateThu, 03 Oct 2002 14:36:39 +0100
Subject Re: Word Metadata (was Re: my 8 questions)
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Sorry to followup on my own mail, but I've been looking
at wvSummary again, and it's using libole2, and there's
a page about the MsOleSummary here:

On the wvware-devel list there's a post asking exactly what
we were - here's the thread:

Basically, somebody else was looking for the custom properties
in the OLE stream, and realised that they're seperate from the
standard fields (I got that far). There's no reply on the list
so I'll either ask again or contact the developer direct.

I'll get back to here if I get anywhere. We'd be interested
in getting all the properties into metadata for Electronic
Record Management purposes.

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