Re: _iconcollection_

From Stefan Boddie
DateWed, 18 Sep 2002 09:56:32 +1200
Subject Re: _iconcollection_
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> thanks for the replies...Now that you've helped me locate it could you
> please help me figure something else out. Most collections have 2 images
> associated with them i.e demo.gif and demosmall.gif. It seems that when
> a collection is selected the larger picture is displayed (i.e demo.gif).
> is defined in the _iconcollection_ macro. I want to display the other
> (i.e demosm.gif). I assume this is achieved by redefining the
> _iconcollection_ macro. I have looked at the code in receptionist.cpp,
> but it doesn't look I can redefine it here. I could be wrong. Is there a
> of doing this. Is there a way of making the URL point to the same image
> purhaps?
> I would appreciate any help

As John pointed out you can alter either or both of these images by changing
the "collectionmeta iconcollection" and "collectionmeta iconcollectionsmall"
fields in your collection's collect.cfg file (then rebuilding the
collection). Alternatively you could simply replace the demosm.gif and/or
demo.gif images themselves. These images live in the collect/demo/images