[greenstone-users] how to build Application which can search , get and manage the Object in GSDL remote

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DateThu Jan 24 11:54:24 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] how to build Application which can search , get and manage the Object in GSDL remote
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Hi Feng

> Hi everyone,
> I am writing the master thesis about the DLs. My supervisor asks me to
> write a program that can get the connect remote to the Greenstone Server.
To understand how the remote GLI works, you can start from reading the
document http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Remote_Greenstone, and
then install Greenstone and a stand along GLI application yourself. You
will get some ideas when trying to connect the GLI to the Greenstone
server remotely.

In Greenstone, importing documents and building collections are all done
by calling Perl scripts. So does the remote GLI. But the remote GLI calls
the Perl scripts through CGI because of in a network envrionment. Studying
the GSDLHOME/cgi-bin/gliserver.pl file will help you understand the
principle of remote communication before starting your implementation.

> Mainly the GUI should have two functions
> 1.It can play as one normal user/reader that search and get the Docs
> remote, just like a browser
Yes, it can
> 2. Or it can also work as Admin, that manager the collection remote ,like
> ingest or delete the Docs or Object in GSDL Server and DB by the command
> from the my GUI Application.
Yes. Look at the Authentication part of the document for the detail

> I know the first Requirement is possible. But still how can I implement
> it(pls, I need some advices too)!
> But the second one, I do not know, whether it is possible. I do know that
> GSDL has a Admin Interface. And the GUI Program can local manage
> (add/rename etc?) the object in the Repository of GSDL. How can I do it
> too remote with my GUI? And how can I get the Admin- privilege? The GSDL
> does not have the API that can support the Function remote.
> Does someone tell me, whether it is possible! And How? Please help me,
> because it is very important to me, thanks! please, please help it to
> me?
> Regards
> Feng
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