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DateThu May 15 19:12:40 2008
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Subject: Re: One more Thing. Re: [greenstone-users] how to build Application
From: "feng wang" <wangfeng77@gmx.de>
Date: Fri, May 9, 2008 5:01 am
To: ak19@cs.waikato.ac.nz

Hi Anupama,
Thank you for your support and idea. For my Project i do think like you
wrote to me. In Interface create the common method for the 3 DLs. Then
implement the code from the interface!

1)I have downloaded the zipped file"gs3-webservices-democlient" in truk
website of greenstone. And tried to connect the greenstone and fedora in
my Linux. For the fedora there was a menu like the fedora Admin tool. But
i couldn't connet my Fedora after i gave the right passwort of mine. For
the Greenstone i got still an error and couldn't get the connection
between the democlient and GSDL.
I gave the website of wsdl file of my GSDL after i selected the Greenstone
in democlient. it was:

I did not change anything in my GSDL? Should i do it?

2)For the democode of GreenstoneConnection i have a question. Yes i knew
what is the NullPiontExceptioon,but i wanna still get a answer for the
first java file of SOAP Connection. Because i think it's important for the
soap implementation of Greenstone. but why i couldn't successfully create
a axis call and invoke for soap server of GSDL?? Something wrong in the
QName Field?

3)After i read the java code of GreenstoneConnection,i found a problem.
What is the process method actually? Does it mean,that i can use the
information of the manual.pdf from the page 35. The process method
included all message like "describe", "system","format","status" and

Because i thought the "process" method is the process message. But in the
java file there was only an invocation about the describe like
<request lang='en' type='describe' to=''/>
I knew it likes the describeRepository Method in the API-A of Fedora.

At first i should study the code in the democlient. It's very very helpful
for me!

Feng Wang

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> Von: ak19@cs.waikato.ac.nz
> An: "feng wang" <wangfeng77@gmx.de>
> Betreff: One more Thing. Re: [greenstone-users] how to build Application

> Hi again,
> This is related to the previous email I sent recently (please read that
> first).
> 1. You wrote:
> > I was going to write a demo for
> > Fedora Repository und searching the answer to communciate to DSpace just
> > like for the Fedora and GSDL.
> The GS3 web services demo-client linked to in the last email uses the jar
> file FedoraGS3.jar located in the lib folder of the demo-client
> application. That one does the communicating with Fedora and converting
> the Fedora data returned into GS3-understandable data so that the GS3
> demo-client can work with the Fedora repository in the same way it works
> with the Greenstone repository.
> 2. On another matter: the FLI application I mentioned in the last email
> and the code it uses was not written by me, it was made by lecturer(s)
> here.
> Regards,
> Anupama

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