[greenstone-users] MP3 file playback is truncated in Greenstone -Repost

From Katherine Don
DateFri Oct 9 22:39:13 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] MP3 file playback is truncated in Greenstone -Repost
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Hi Sharyn

We'll have a look at it here next week. What operating system and
browser are you using? If using windows, are you using local library or
apache or IIS?


Sharyn Wise wrote:
> Hi all
> Reposting, as I still haven?t found a resolution to this problem nor
> received any response as yet.
> I?ve ingested some MP3s (using MP3Plugin) into my collection but when
> I ?view? them in Greenstone 2.82, I get only 1-2 seconds of playback
> rather than the full duration. They DO play to the full duration if
> opened directly in the same web browser.
> I also tested this using the Greenstone tutorial on MP3s (ie, the
> Beatles collection) and the same thing happens. They?ve also been
> tested using the UnknownPlugin to process both MP3 and MIDI files -
> the midi files are fine, but the MP3 file playback is again truncated.
> Can anyone help? Thanks in advance,
> Sharyn
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