[greenstone-users] Browsing Classifiers Help - Special Case

From Nathan Einwechter
DateSat, 23 Apr 2005 13:21:36 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Browsing Classifiers Help - Special Case

I’ve used Greenstone in the past for digital library creation and am now trying to adapt it to take metadata about computer log files and display certain kinds of groupings etc. together. The main idea is that I have separated different types of network traffic into different files. Each file has attributed metadata covering a title, and then some other information such as certain IP addresses that occur that aren’t supposed to be there and another set of metadata values show the ones that ARE allowed.


What I want to do is allow Greenstone to take this metadata and place it into browsing classifiers that are hierarchical in the fashion of


Title -> Authorized Communication

            -> List of IP Addresses within this metadata

       -> Unauthorized Communication

            -> list of IP addresses within this metadata


And then also another in the form of


Unauthorized Communication

         -> Titles which contain a value for unauthorized communication

            -> IP Addresses within this metadata for a specific title


And one similar for Authorized Communication as well.


Anyone have any idea how I could do this? If no one is able to help me on this, I may end up just having to scrap the idea of using Greenstone and create my own html files, which I’d rather not do as we’re going to be cross-referencing these various communications with written incident reports etc.


Thanks ahead of time for any help this group can provide.


Yours truly,

            Nathan Einwechter