[greenstone-users] Newbie question

From Sharon Foster
DateFri, 22 Jun 2007 13:07:09 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Newbie question
Hello, all!

I am a library science student at Southern Connecticut State
University, taking a course on Digital Libraries this summer. I would
like to use Greenstone to build my final project for the class, but
I'm stumped as to how to export my library to an external web server.

I installed Greenstone on my Windows XP machine as a "local" library,
pulled a few PDFs off the web, and built a library just as a learning
exercise. I burned it to a CD and took it over to another computer and
ran it there. So far so good. But I don't want to serve it to the web
from my home computer. I want to port it to a web host running Apache
where I already have an account. For some reason this exercise is not
explicitly described in the Greenstone documentation that I have been
able to find so far. I was beginning to think that maybe I should have
installed it as a web library to begin with but, no, the wiki says:

"Please note that the local library is quite capable of serving
Greenstone collections over a local area network or the web (despite
its rather misleading name)."

Just to give you an idea of my current level of understanding, I'm new
to Apache, and new to Java, but I was an embedded software developer
before I joined the library world. I *think* what I have to do is
upload the same directories that I burned to the CD to my webspace,
create a couple of configuration files, and do some Apache command
line "magic," but the instructions in the Greenstone documentation are
a little sketchy to someone with no previous Java or Apache

I don't expect anyone to post a step-by-step instruction here on the
list, but if you could point me to the current, best online
documentation, I'd be very grateful. And so would several of my

Sharon M. Foster
F/OSS Evangelist
Cheshire Public Library
104 Main Street
Cheshire, CT 06410

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