[greenstone-users] Super collection

From nobody
DateFri, 18 May 2007 15:27:25 -0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Super collection

I need help in the new version of Greenstone 2.72 in the Super Colection. In
de old version, 2.62, we made a special colection and setup a Super
Colection with 190 colection in side, and works very good.

But in the new version, we start to make de colection and add in the super
colection the news colections, and when we add more 77 colection, don?t work
any more, don?t make de search.

I needo to know which is the problem y this case, and where I can do?

I send de link for the library in the old version, here de Super Colection

And the link of the library in the new version,here de Super Colection don?t
now is not public, we start to migrated in the new version.

Thank for every body

Florencia Vergara Rossi
Buenos Aires, Argentina

RAEC Project (http://www.raec.clacso.edu.ar)