[greenstone-users] database on line

From Jim Hart
DateSat Jul 3 03:22:02 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] database on line
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If you're trying to run Greenstone on Windows, it would be easier to
install 2.83 and use the Apache that comes with it. Everything is
pre-configured. Remember to change the install directory as per my
previous message. Then, just select "Librarian Interface (GLI)" from the
Start menu and away you go. To access the collection from a Web browser,
use the address: "http://localhost/"

Jim Hart
Bates College

On 7/2/10 11:01 AM, Nissrine Hdidou wrote:
> I try to put my database online but it doesn't work i don't why. I am
> using Apache and greenstone 2.82. I followed all the instructions
> given in the document attached but as I said. Can you help me.
> Thank you.
> best regards
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