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From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Jul 12 17:34:03 2010
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Hi Kathy,

I was trying to answer a question in the mailing list (see attachment),
where they were trying to setup the Remote Greenstone on Windows. They
could get to the library.cgi page, but gliserver.pl gave them a CGI
error and something about the HTTP headers being wrong.

I was in the process of writing the following when I noticed I had
overlooked that the web server they were using was IIS. Perhaps you have
come across this problem before? If not, below is what I was able to
find out.

I will see you tomorrow,

I looked up the http 502
error code and the occurrence of "CGI error" in the Greenstone mail
archives. Please see:

a) http://www.checkupdown.com/status/E502.html
"A server (not necessarily a Web server) is acting as a gateway or proxy
to fulfil the request by the client (e.g. your Web browser or our
CheckUpDown robot) to access the requested URL. This server received an
invalid response from an upstream server it accessed to fulfil the request.

This usually does not mean that the upstream server is down (no
response to the gateway/proxy), but rather that the upstream server and
the gateway/proxy do not agree on the protocol for exchanging data.
Given that Internet protocols are quite clear, it often means that one
or both machines have been incorrectly or incompletely programmed."

b) And
(which is part of

The initial link states:
Some web servers expect cgi scripts to use "non-parsed headers" (such
as "HTTP/1.0 200 Ok" for the http status code) while others expect
scripts to return something like "Status: 200".

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