Re: [greenstone-devel] GLI applet version 2.62: Patch

From Alain Veylit
DateTue, 08 Nov 2005 18:14:56 -0800
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] GLI applet version 2.62: Patch
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Hi all,
Some questions:
--How do I link my main greenstone page (and search pages) to a .css file?
--I am using the UnknownPlug plugin on some files that I want to list as
plain html links with no or minimal metadata. I somehow managed to do
that yesterday, but today the files are processed but do not show in the
browsing utility as if they had been completely discarded. Is there a
better way to achieve what I want, or at least a way that works? Maybe
the NULplug?
--I did not see a plugin for generic XML documents: is this possibly in
the works?
--One of the demo pages is set to handle MIDI files: I am curious to
know if the plugin they use is publicly available.
--Does anyone out there have experience using Greenstone for digitized
newspaper collections and willing to communicate with me and maybe even
share some goodies...?
Best wishes from California, where it is still Tuesday and a frisky 65
degrees at 6pm,

Katherine Don wrote:

>Hi everyone
>There is a bug in the GLI applet for Greenstone 2.62 (and probably
>2.61). Files that are zipped up to send to the server are being unzipped
>in the wrong place.
>If you want to use the GLI applet with 2.62, please download the
>following file
>and unzip it in your greenstone directory.
>You will need to recreate the signed jar file from the modified GLI.jar.
>for details)
>Please note that this only applies to those using the GLI as an applet.
>Standard GLI use is not affected by the bug.
>Katherine Don
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