[greenstone-users] Greenstone basics query

From Neil Godfrey
DateFri Jul 9 21:18:12 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone basics query
I have been asked to recommend a solution to existing digital collection
issues we are facing at our national library. I have suggested Greenstone,
but need to understand more before pursuing this.

Does it support DCTerms (not just the 15 DC elements, but the 55 DCTerms)?

Does it support nonliteral values -- e.g. if we want to add a URI as a value
against a Creator property?

Does it support MARCXML?


What might be required to ensure that any of the above schema can be
deployed in Greenstone?

And finally, if the answer to any/all of the above is yes, for purposes of a
local demonstration, what is the simplest way for me to view a data entry
interface that makes use of one of those schema?

Many thanks in advance,

Neil Godfrey

Bibliographic Consultant
National Library Board, Singapore
Phone: (+65) 8133 8075
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