[greenstone-devel] newbie question about metadata.xml file(s)

From Newman, Linda (newmanld)
DateTue, 2 Dec 2003 18:44:52 -0500
Subject [greenstone-devel] newbie question about metadata.xml file(s)
We plan to experiment with Greenstone for a large image collection.

I have a question about the metadata.xml file. The 'demo' collection shows
one metadata.xml file which has information for each document appended,
within the <Description> tag, within that one file. In the "Inside
Greenstone Collections" pdf document, the example of the OAI demonstration
collection is discussed, and the documentation refers to a metadata.xml file
for EACH source document rather than one metadata.xml file. Although an
example of a metadata.xml file is listed, no explanation is given of how to
name and store multiple metadata.xml files. In our case we would probably
be doing an import, and not the 'acquire' step shown by the OAI example.

One collection we could decide to use in Greenstone would grow to 550,000
images (not texts), and although we may subdivide that by sub-collections
based on data ranges, I'm assuming that we would need multiple xml files
containing the metadata for each image, rather than trying to append the
data within one file for the collection or sub-collections. How does one
name and store these multiple metadata.xml files so that the import process
appropriately finds each one?

Hope this question is intelligible and fairly straight-forward...

Thanks for any replies!