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From Arietta Papaioannou
DateThu Apr 17 18:27:14 2008
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Katherine, thank you for your reply.

but, there is still something wrong....

"I installed Greenstone 2.80 on Vista yesterday... using command prompt -console.
The installation was completed successfully but the Librarian Interface is not working.. It pops up a window which automatically disappears..
Other java GUIs seem to work fine on vista... I don't know if there is anything else I can do...

Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated..!

thank you


this was sent on 2/4/2008

thank you,


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Greenstone apparently does run on Vista. I think you need to run the installer as administrator.


Greenstone Blog wrote:
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Hello! I am trying to run Greenstone 2.8 on Windows Vista, with no luck. I get failure messages like "the installer is unable to run in graphidal mode.." !!??
Does Vista support Greenstone 2.8?

thank you,


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