[greenstone-users] GS and Google

From Oran of Greenstone Team
DateWed Aug 27 12:03:03 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] GS and Google
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Hi Diego,

I'm not sure if someone has replied to this mail or not. If not, sorry
for the slow response.

My understanding is that Google has trouble indexing Greenstone
collections, mostly because Greenstone makes it hard for Google with
long cryptic URLs, which include per-session information. Work is
planned to make Greenstone URLs more user- and search engine-friendly,
following advice from our friends at Google. Keep an eye on the
changelogs of the next few releases.


Diego Spano wrote:
> Hi List,
> is there any way to get indexed by Google a GS collection?. I mean,
> all docs present in index\assoc folder...
> Diego Spano
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