From Dynal Patel
DateTue, 17 Sep 2002 12:22:51 +0200
Subject _iconcollection_
thanks for the replies...Now that you've helped me locate it could you please help me figure something else out. Most collections have 2 images associated with them i.e demo.gif and demosmall.gif. It seems that when a collection is selected the larger picture is displayed (i.e demo.gif). This is defined in the _iconcollection_ macro. I want to display the other image (i.e demosm.gif). I assume this is achieved by redefining the _iconcollection_ macro. I have looked at the code in receptionist.cpp, but it doesn't look I can redefine it here. I could be wrong. Is there a way of doing this. Is there a way of making the URL point to the same image purhaps?
I would appreciate any help