Searching paragraphs

From Eric Lease Morgan
DateWed, 25 Sep 2002 07:25:03 -0500
Subject Searching paragraphs
I have a question about searching paragraphs.

I have a set of plain text documents, and I would like to know how I can
configure Greenstone to allow the end-user to search and/or extract text on
a paragraph level as well as an entire document level? In other words, when
the search results are returned how can each returned item be a paragraph
from the original text?

Alternatively, I am willing to mark up my plain text documents in some
flavor of XML. I am currently leaning towards TEILite. I will then be able
to convert my TEI files to other formats such as PDF and HTML through the
use of XSL. How can I exploit the functionality of Greenstone to take
advantage of my structured TEI files? If my documents are in HTML, can I
configure something to look between the <p></p> tags for content?
Will/should I write a plugin?

Eric "Still Learning" Morgan