[greenstone-users] Search display in MGPP

From John Rose
DateWed May 21 19:45:51 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Search display in MGPP
I am writing again for Florencia Vergara of CLACSO in Buenos Aires.

On their version 2.7x (but I assume it's the same
with 2.80?), when you build collections with MG,
the search box comes up on the first page of the
collection, while when you build with MGPP, you
get the collection home page on the first page
and you have to click on "search" to do a search.
CLACSO feels that this is not as nice for the
users. Could someone advise on how to move the search box to the home page?

Thanks and best regards, John

John B. Rose
1 Bis, Rue des Ch?tre-Sacs
92310 S?vres
Email: <john.rose1@free.fr>
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send to <johnrose@alumni.caltech.edu>
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