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From Richard Managh
DateFri, 27 Apr 2007 15:49:44 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Search in dc.Date Metadata
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Hi cyberarian,

Well, perhaps you have already considered this, but a date classifier already performs this function, ordering your documents by date.

Heres an example:

Heres what you need to add to your collect.cfg:
classifyDateList -metadata Date

If however, you really want to search by date, there are a number of options that come to mind.

You could:

o Add Javascript which converts strings such as "February 2007" to "200702" before the search form is submitted.

o Add Javascript and drop down boxes to your search page where the user selects, month, day and year, and the javascript
o Add a new metadata value called maybe "TextDate" when you import your documents and alter your import plugin(s) to parse the 20070203 strings in your existing date metadata and convert them to their more natural human readable equivalents.€You could then build an index on TextDate instead of Date for your search.

o If you have produced your own metadata.xml files you might add TextDate to the import documents in the metadata.xml files, this would mean you wouldnt have to play around with customising plugins.

Hope this helps,

Richard Managh
DL Consulting
Greenstone Digital Library and Digitisation Specialists

cyberarian wrote:
Dear All

I have a search index on dc.Date€ The dates are in the following formats:

1- 2007, 2006, 2005, etc
2- 200701, 200702, 200703, etc
3- 20070101, 20070102, 20070103, etc

All the dates are being displayed using Format Statement [format: dc.Date]

and the result is as under:

1- 2007, 2006, 2005
2- January 2007, February 2007, etc
3- 01 January 2007, 02 January 2007, etc.

Now my users visits the documents by natural way like "February 2007" but they got 0 results because i have entered the date in the above format€

Is there any way to search these dates in simple way


Ata ur Rehman

AHK Resource Center

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