[greenstone-devel] Lucene indexer and metadata search

From Diego Spano
DateWed Jan 23 06:07:27 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] Lucene indexer and metadata search
Hi list,

I have a collection that uses Lucene indexer. The case is that I can`t
search on metadata that has accent words. I have a document with Subject
metadata filled with "Producci?n". When I want to run a search I can?t find
the document. I wrote "Produccion", "Producci?n", "produccion", etc, but no
results!!!. I know that Lucene converts text to lowercase format before
indexing, but what about accents?. It is also impossible to set
"indexoptions accentfold casefold stem" as I do with mgpp.

There is also a problem running Lucene with IIS, so I have to install Apache
for Windows to make queries work.

Any help?

Diego Spano
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