[greenstone-users] MINISIS to Greenstone

From John Rose
DateWed Jan 23 20:19:46 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] MINISIS to Greenstone
Please find below the advice of Kamal Khalafala
on importing data from MINISIS (a legacy
minicomputer based bibliographic database system
developed by IDRC) to Greenstone. Kamal treats
the more complicated case of databases in Arabic,
but his advice should be generally applicable:

1-greenstone-3.03-win32 is not yet mature Arabic.It is better to use G2
2-The MINISIS system supported formats are ISO
2709, including MARC data,and a simple text format
3-Export your data in ISO 2709 format
4-Download UNI2 ver 2.4 or later - As ISIS
database convertor from NIPSOFT. In Dos command
line convert your ISO file as follows
C:\uni2>uni2.exe dokal.iso dokal.mst
The output of this process are the files
dookal.mst and dokal.xrf. Use any text editor to
create dokal.fdt which is very similar to the field definition table
5-Use greenstone ver 2.80 and convert your
records greenstone using NULPlug(right Arabic
code for FDT fields and you will be able to
control your diplay format for your records) .
ISISPlug (Only greenstone ver 2.63)
6-Arabic Documentation will be available very soon.
7-Please find the atached file.Content snapshot.pdf
Kamal Salih Mustafa Khalafala
University of Khartoum
Institute of Environmental Studies

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