[greenstone-users] About the corner right tabs

From Oran Fry
DateWed Jan 9 10:38:19 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] About the corner right tabs
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Hi Javeria,

First, set up all the links you want to use in macros/nav_css.dm (1).
Then, change the _globallinks_ macro in a few macro files, to add the
links to your greenstone pages (2).

In macros/nav_css.dm, find the existing links. They should be near the
top of the file, they look like this:

_homelink_ {_navtaborig_(_httppagehome_,_linktextHOME_,_textdescrhome_)}
_helplink_ {_navtaborig_(_httppagehelp_,_linktextHELP_,_textdescrhelp_)}

To change the homepage link, replace _httppagehome_ in the _homelink_
macro with the link to the alternative homepage. E.g.,

To set up a custom link, add it as a new macro using the existing links
as a guide. E.g.,
_youtubelink_ {_navtaborig_(http://www.youtube.com/,YouTUBE,Go to the
YouTube website)}

Edit the _globallinks_ macro in macros/nav_css.dm, macros/home.dm,
macros/pref.dm, macros/help.dm, and any others as needed. Just above the
link macros in macros/nav_css.dm is the _globallinks_ macro, which looks
like this:
_globallinks_ {_If_("_cgiargu_" ne "1",_homelink_) _helplink_ _preflink_}

Add your custom links by inserting them here. E.g.,
_globallinks_ {_If_("_cgiargu_" ne "1",_homelink_) _helplink_ _preflink_

You will have to make a similar change in the files mentioned above, or
you will find that your custom links only appear on some pages, not all.

Hope this is clear enough!

Kind Regards,
Oran Fry.

Javeria Sharif wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a question. On the top right side there are tabs for home, help
> and preferences. How do i change it to something else I want to change
> the home tab to direct to a different home page. Also instead of help
> and preference I want different tabs there. Can you help me. Thanks.
> Javeria