[greenstone-users] GLI temp files

From Oran Fry
DateFri Jan 18 10:24:10 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI temp files
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Hi Huw,

(See Quan's response.)

If changing IP addresses is a problem, why not give the server a name
and use that name in place of the IP address? The name will be
dynamically resolved to an IP address when you type it in your browser
as long as your network is set up properly and the standard lookup
service is running on your windows machine. It should work even if the
server runs linux or some other non-windows OS. (The keyword here is

Kind Regards,

Huw Wyn Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> Where does the GLI applet store temp data on Windows? My development
> server lives in a DHCPed network and therefore the IP address changes
> occasionally. Where does GLI store stuff like the server address so I
> can change it to suit the assigned path?
> Thanks
> Huw