[greenstone-users] Greenstone Workshop Map

From Oran Fry
DateThu Jan 24 11:07:52 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone Workshop Map
We have just started the Greenstone Workshop Map:

It shows the locations of all the Greenstone /workshops/ and /tutorials/
which have been conducted around the world.

Each workshop and tutorial is annotated with the city and country it was
held in, the name of the conference it was part of, the date it was
held, the university or other establishment which hosted it, and the
person or people who conducted it. Just click on a placemark to view its

The map uses Google Maps, which provides a familiar interface for
panning and zooming. We invite you to take a look!

Note: The map is for /past/ events. Future workshops and tutorials
appear on the Greenstone calendar, not the map.

Kind Regards,
Oran Fry, on behalf of the Greenstone Team.