[greenstone-users] Export Greenstone ex.fields to MARCXML

From Katherine Don
DateTue Jun 15 11:26:20 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Export Greenstone ex.fields to MARCXML
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Hi Sergei

you can edit the dc2marc-mapping.xml. Or make a copy, name it something
else, eg dcex2marc-mapping.xml, and edit. If you make a copy, you will
need to set the -mapping_file option to use the new filename.

Add rules in it similar to the ones that are there, for the ex metadata
that you want to export. You will need to decide which metadata you want
to use and which marc fields they should map to.


sergei.balyakin wrote:
> Dear all,
> can we export Greenstone ex fields to MARCXML. We manage export dc
> fields only (dc2marc-mapping.xml).
> Kind regards sergei.balyakin@gmail.com
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