[greenstone-users] Greenstone finding Java on Windows 7

From Sam of Greenstone Team
DateTue Jun 15 13:23:05 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone finding Java on Windows 7
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Hi Jennifer,

I installed Greenstone on Windows 7 here in the lab and it appears to be
working fine. Doing one of the following may help you:

1. Install Greenstone into a location that does not have any spaces or
brackets in the path (e.g. C:\Greenstone rather than C:\Program Files
2. Go to "Control Panel" --> "System" --> "Advanced system settings" -->
"Environment Variables", look through the system variables and if
JAVA_HOME does not exist then click "New...", in "Variable name" type
JAVA_HOME and in "Variable value" type the path to your Java
installation (e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jre6). If the JAVA_HOME system
variable already exists then make sure it points to a valid Java

Hope this helps,
Sam of the Greenstone Team

>> Jennifer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> we have recently installed Greenstone, and are trying to install it
>> on a Windows 7 OS. The problem is that the file searchforj.exe does
>> not find Java in Windows 7 (it did in Windows XP). Has anyone else
>> got experience in using Greenstone on a Windows 7 OS, and if so, how
>> did you overcome this problem?
>> Thank you,
>> Jennifer Waldman
>> (jennifer@jcua.org)
>> Library
>> Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
>> 610 S. Michigan Ave. 5th floor
>> Chicago, IL 60605
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