[greenstone-users] problem with perl (undefined symbol: Perl_Tstack_sp_ptr)

From Yannis Karydis
DateThu Jun 3 00:43:59 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] problem with perl (undefined symbol: Perl_Tstack_sp_ptr)
I am using perl v. 5.10.0 on a debian(lenny) and after executing
./gli/sli.sh I get the following error:

****SAXParseException on LINE NUMBER: 24 (number of lines: 23)
The parsing error occurred on this line:
Error is past the last line (23): perl: symbol lookup error:
undefined symbol: Perl_Tstack_sp_ptr
SAXParseException message: The element type "PluginList" must be terminated
by the matching end-tag "</PluginList>".

Please advise accordingly on what to do

Thank you
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