[greenstone-users] Customization problems

From Jay Clark
DateWed Jun 16 08:40:38 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Customization problems
I'm trying to customize the output of a VList Browsing Classifier and I'm having some difficulty.

In the code of the web page that's output, I see this fragment of a table with line numbers added by me:

1 <div class="top" id="CL2">
2 <table id="group_top" class="v_list">
3 <tr valign=top>
4 <td valign='top'><img class="icon" src="/greenstone/web/images/imp3.gif <view-source:> " width="25" height="20" alt="View the MP3 document" title="View the MP3 document"></td> <td valign='top'><label>Title: </label><a href="/greenstone/collect/jaystest/index/assoc/HASH4d91.dir/MjAxMC4wNC4xNCAtIEpheSBDbGFyayAodGVzdGluZyk=.MP3 <view-source:> ">Sample Audio File</a> <br><i>(2010.04.14 - Jay Clark (testing).MP3)</i></td>
5 </tr>

I've been able to identify in the source code where the 2nd line is generated from, and I know that the two table cells (line 4) come from the collect.cfg file for the VList format. What I can't seem to find in the source code anywhere is where the 3rd line comes from (<tr valign=top>). I want to add a class attribute to it - something like class="row" so I can apply CSS more easily.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Jay Clark

MAF Learning Technologies
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