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From Zineb Naji
DateWed Jun 23 23:03:39 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] realistic book
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thank you Katherine for your help,
I've already do it in cfg "receptionist" _gwcgi_? a = p & p = about & c = & book = manuscript on "" but I still french that appears by default even if I'm in another language.
But since we are all manuscript in Arabic I added (s = ar & w = windows-1256 - the language and w = = encoding).
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Hi Zineb

If you add a receptionist line, then this is what the collection link will be from the home page to the collection, ie when you click on the collection image, the link will be what you have set in the collect.cfg file.
In your receptionist link, you have set the language to be arabic (l=ar&w=windows-1256 - l=language and w=encoding)

If you just want to keep whatever language the user is currently in, then change the receptionist line to be like

receptionist "_gwcgi_?a=p&p=about&c=manuscri&book=on"


Zineb Naji wrote:
Dear Katherine

currently the resptioniste Book viewer mode = on is automatically active but I had a problem with languages like when I change the language in acceuil on french i shows even if I am in interface is English.
Then I have to still change the language in preference.
Are there a way to change the command is adding the choice of such language.
For example: I use three months language: Arabic, English and french.

I modofier the receptionist is like way: receptionist "_gwcgi_?a=p&p=about&c=manuscri&l=ar&w=windows-1256&book=on"

With choice of Arabic see attached files

As you see I'm in the interface in french and h' is displayed in Arabic

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