[greenstone-users] Generated URL problem

From John McPherson
DateSun Jan 20 16:12:19 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Generated URL problem
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On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 11:54:58AM +0000, Huw Wyn Jones wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> At long last (and with considerable thanks to George) I have Greenstone up
> and running properly. I am building a 'test' collection and am running into
> a strange issue - possibly a software bug. When I build a collection using
> PDF's everything is fine until I try to open the PDF files. I get this 404
> error:
> The requested URL /collect/huw-adroddia/index/assoc/HASH019e.dir/doc.pdf
> was not found on this server.
> The problem is solved by manually inserting gsdl/ to the URL. i.e. The
> files are being created but the generated URL is missing a gsdl ! I've
> checked the config files and they look fine to me. Could this be a bug?

check that your gsdlsite.cfg file has the correct settings in it. In
this file, you can tell greenstone what prefix to give to URLs, and this
must match what you have in your apache config file. It sounds like
your prefix has to be set to "/gsdl"

John McPherson