[greenstone-users] Greenstone Can't find JRE

From Huw Wyn Jones
DateWed Jan 9 05:42:30 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone Can't find JRE

Is there a known issue with Greenstone (2.80) not finding java? I'm
trying to install Greenstone on my FC8 development server but the
'setupLinux' installer fails saying that it cannot find a jre. 'Proper'
Sun Java in installed in /usr/bin and no other java installation (such
as IcedTea) is on the system. I tried using the -is:javahome /usr/bin
option but I still get the same result - no jre found.

Has anyone come across this problem before?



Huw Wyn Jones
Reolwr ICT / ICT Manager
Fforwm Gwledig Cymru
Wales Rural Forum