Re: [greenstone-devel] Solaris installation problem

From Alain Veylit
DateMon, 07 Nov 2005 12:43:55 -0800
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Solaris installation problem
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Hi John,
Many thanks for this, it is useful to know. Perhaps adding a note to the
installation WEB page would be useful for otehr people. For me, adding
soft links in /usr/lib seemed to be the only solution that worked, but
it may be because of a confusion between the GNU and the SUN ld.
I have another problem, with the GLI, this time: when I export a
collection from my pc to the server, the data ends up in a sub-directory
under the actual target directory, i.e. the collect.cfg file ends up in:
/gsdl/collect/mypccollection/etc/mypccollection/collect.cfg and the
imported data ends up in
/gsdl/collect/mypccollection/import/mypccollection/import. I then get
error messages from the script that probably still looks for
the data in /gsdl/collect/mypccollection/import/
Anyone came across that particular problem?

John R. McPherson wrote:

>On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 12:33:06PM -0700, Alain Veylit wrote:
>>Many thanks to Katherine and Kurt for a prompt response:
>>I tried Katherine's suggestion and recompiled with gdbm in static mode.
>>That did not work.
>>-Is it possible that my problem comes from a confusion between gcc and
>>the SUN native compiler?
>>-Should I recompile with the original dynamic gdbm configuration?
>>-Would Solaris 10 have proved less problematic? I think they tried to
>>make it LINUX compatible...
>>The main thing is that I made it passed the installation stage (I think...)
>This seems to be an ongoing problem for people installing on solaris,
>but we don't have solaris machines available for testing and noone's
>given us a solution that seems to work for everyone.
>As you can see, the problem is that gdbm installs to /usr/local/lib
>but by default the system only looks for libraries in /lib and /usr/lib.
>For some people, libstdc++ gets installed in a weird place as well
>and the linker has problems finding it at link time.
>One solution is to provide a wrapper script for the cgi executable
>that sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /usr/local/lib.
>A better solution is to compile and link with an option that makes the
>executable look in /usr/local/lib at run time. GNU's ld takes an
>"-rpath" option that embeds the names of directories to search. However,
>the manual page also says that on SunOS, the linker does that automatically
>for any paths given with the -L at link time. You could try setting
>"LDFLAGS='-rpath /usr/local/lib'" for your configure command.
>It might also be a difference between the GNU ld and sun's own ld,
>I'm not sure what sun's tools do.
>John McPherson