[greenstone-users] v2.72 on WIN NT

From InfoCom Laboratories
DateMon, 21 May 2007 21:24:38 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] v2.72 on WIN NT

Sorry if this is redundant but I've had R and D look at these GLI
problems for the last several days
to no avail.

We have NT 4.0 servers (waiting on our Sun equipment to arrive) and Red
Hat Linux Enterprise servers in
our data center. We would like to run this on NT if possible as the
Linux servers are dedicated for SOA usage.
Currently we have only installed the "stand alone" 2.72 version of
for evaluation and testing purposes. However:

1. Cannot process images with the image plug in. (the ImageMagick not
installed error during the
Collection build process)
2. Cannot process PDF documents (the cannot spawn cmd.exe error)

The archives and current mail lists have been researched and the
suggestions followed. We have gone into the
code and looked at it but find it hard to "source" the variables. We
love Greenstone but cannot get past
these errors though I am sure others most certainly are. PDF's and JPGs
are of course important.

Question: Is anyone successfully processing images and PDFs on NT 4.0
SP6? Can you assist?

Best Regards,
Leslie Smith
InfoCom Laboratories, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ, USA